The process of assessing and quantifying the effects of drugs and biologics on patients is called pharmacovigilance. This discipline aims to improve the safety of these products by identifying and quantifying their adverse effects. In this article, we tend to educate you regarding the various pharmacovigilance courses offered in India.

Courses Offered

You can pursue your specialization in Master’s, Doctorate, Bachelors, and Certificate courses.

  • Bachelor courses– You can find many colleges in India that offer a B. Pharm course. However, a BSc in Pharmacognosy is rare. Once you finish your twelfth board, you can apply for this course.
  • Master courses– If you are still interested in continuing your bachelor’s course after its completion, then you can apply for this course. It would be beneficial for you if you are keen to learn about the concepts of Pharmacy.
  • Diploma Courses– These are the right courses for you if you are strict on time and still want to learn this subject to take it up further in your career path.
  • Doctorate courses– You need a solid academic background to peruse this course since not everyone is capable of research.
  • Certification courses– These would not take much of your time and are a plus point for your resume; however, if you want to take Pharmacy as your career, you should take up the lengthy courses since they will provide you with the degree.


Suppose you want to set up a career in pharmacovigilance. In that case, you require a minimum of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Pharmacy, nursing, allied health sciences, veterinary or human medicine, biotechnology, nursing, microbiology, or biochemistry. You can know much more about this topic by visiting the website of Ingenious Healthcare. Since your degrees or courses decide your future, you should choose them wisely. Wishing you all the luck in your future endeavors.